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Sappi Saiccor

Umkomas (Kwazulu Natal)


As part of the current expansion, an increase in cooling tower capacity was required, so an additional independent cell was constructed.


IWC was contracted by Sappi Saiccor through consultants Wood PLC, to design, fabricate, deliver and install an additional cell to their existing 3 cell cooling tower. The existing 3 cell tower was part of Sappi Amakhulu Project where we were commissioned to design, build and install the towers in 2007.

The new tower installation is part of Sappi’s Vulindlela Project, which is an expansion of the mill’s dissolving wood pulp capacity along with significant technical and process upgrades with the two main drivers being the improvement of the mill’s environmental footprint and satisfying increasing customer demand globally.

The partial civil tower construction is from cast in-situ concrete including a concrete roof slab. Civil construction was carried out by others. This induced draft cooling tower package is complete with corrosion resistant materials using stainless steel, fibreglass, polypropylene and PVC.

“IWC’s approach to, and execution of the contract, was professional and also sensitive to the needs of local communities to be part of this work opportunity and inclusion of people from the area around the mill complimented their construction team’s success and enhanced Sappi’s standing in the community. Sappi have every confidence that IWC can fulfil the obligations and responsibilities on similar projects in the future.”

Products used in this project