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NEWS 01 / 02 / 2022

Super Cool, Super Clean… Thermal upgrade of Autoclave

Thermal solutions provider, IWC were contracted by Hi-Calibre, an engineering contractor specialising in the pharmaceutical environment. The 3 new EWK661 cooling towers were part of an upgrade for a pharmaceutical company based in Port Elizabeth.

After 20 years, the existing towers were still in good working condition all due to the fact that the IWC package cooling towers made from heavy duty fibreglass, are perfectly suited to harsh coastal conditions. The new replacement cooling towers have a larger cooling capacity to meet the increased cooling requirements of the autoclave.

Wondering what an autoclave is?

The autoclave is generally used to disinfect anything that needs to be free of microorganisms. It can decontaminate solids, liquids, hollow items and instruments of varying shapes depending on the type of autoclave and its size. It does this by heating the items to temperatures above boiling point, and thus they cannot survive in those conditions.

Where do our cooling towers fit into the process?

The IWC produced range of EWK package cooling towers are an integral part of the process as the cooling towers assist with cooling down the recirculated water used in the disinfectant process.

Hi-Calibre’s solution encompassed replacing the smaller, older cooling towers with 3 larger cooling towers from our EWK package cooler tower range. The larger cooling towers provide more cooling capacity.

What is a cooling tower and why is it used?

In simple terms, a cooling tower is a device designed to reject unwanted heat into the atmosphere. Water is a highly effective heat transfer medium and as such is used extensively for rejecting heat generated in the autoclave process.

Why choose our towers?

Our iconic EWK cooling tower range are manufactured in a robust, durable and compact glass reinforced polyester casing which means they can withstand the harsh South African sun.

The cooling towers are also corrosion resistant and are the perfect choice for coastal applications.

Further advantages

  • Non-corrosive and light weight
  • Reliable
  • Low energy consumption and easy to maintain
  • Plug and play design results in a simple installation

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