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Van Hout


After 40 years of service, it was time to replace the existing tower at the Van Hout Drycleaners in Menlopark, Pretoria. Our towers are made to last a very long time, but this tower, certainly went the extra mile.


The client requested a cooling tower service as their current tower was not performing optimally which meant that it was no longer cooling the dry cleaning machines efficiently.

The dry cleaning process was affected by an increase in the cycle times and thus taking longer to dry clean the clothing items. The consequence of this resulted in longer turnaround times and this was affecting their service to their clients.


We started by offering them a service to the existing unit, as requested. Upon inspection at the premises, we then discovered that the unit was 40 years old and in desperate need of replacement. We recommended a new replacement unit, and the client was happy to go with our recommendation.
The deal clincher was the great service offered by Lucy Hawthorne, our Packaging Cooling Tower specialist . Additionally, the fact that the previous tower had lasted 40 years, sealed the deal! This built belief in our product and allowed them to make the decision to purchase a new tower with ease.

The new replacement package cooling tower, a EWK064, is specifically suited for small processing plants and will ensure your plant runs optimally and cost effectively at all times.

Cycle times are back to normal, and the new unit is operating very well. Another satisfied customer!

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