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Amabatovy Project





Cooling tower refurbishment of the two existing timber cross flow cooling towers to good working order and thus increase the thermal performance for their plants.


After identifying all the issues on both cooling towers, we set out to make the required repairs.  Our recommendation was to replace all the existing timber drift eliminators with new PVC drift eliminators which are more suited to long term corrosive environments.  We implemented a suitable methodology of replacing the damaged components to ensure the structural integrity of the cooling tower was maintained.

The water deck was replaced with GRP deck boards, as well as the replacement of 50% of the timber support structure with new GRP beams and stainless steel fasteners.

New GRP access ladders and platforms were installed on each water deck, and ad-hoc repairs to the timber structure were carried out, replacing damaged / rotten timber members with GRP sections where required.

Cooling tower refurbishment services