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Frigair Exhibition 2022

Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg - June 2022

About the event

The Frigair Expo is held every three years in Johannesburg and is the only international trade fair for air conditioning and refrigeration in South Africa. As the technologies in the sectors of heating, ventilation, cooling, refrigeration and energy develop rapidly, it is important to always remain on the cutting edge and to constantly inform about the latest developments, trends and innovations.

Why we participated

IWC have been providing innovative and effective cooling solutions for over 30 years, so it made sense for us to be part of the show. We exhibited our closed circuit cooling solution includes an open circuit cooling tower and a sperate heat exchanger. This type of closed circuit system has additional benefits compared to the conventional coil type of closed circuit cooling tower which includes capital lower cost, and ease of maintenance.

The team representing IWC at the show included Lucy Hawthorne, Head of Industrial Sales, Carl van Maanen, our Heat Exchanger Division Head, Kagiso Makgatho, Sales Engineer and Krizia Giammartini, Junior Engineer.

Louw Nagel, our specialist Thermal Engineer delivered a presentation on the usage of VSD’s to reduce energy. For more information on this presentation, contact christine@iwc.co.za