February, 2021

How Plate Heat Exchangers improve plant productivity in Sulphuric Acid Applications

How Plate Heat Exchangers improve plant productivity in Sulphuric Acid Applications

Did you know the amount of sulphuric acid used in a country can be directly correlated to the gross domestic product (GDP) of most industrial nations.  Sulphuric acid is used to convert the earths mineral resources into materials we use daily, from plastics, metals and electronics to pharmaceuticals and fuels.

In chemical process industries, various acids are utilized and are often heated, or cooled in heat exchangers. Acids are heated in heat exchangers to increase their reactivity and while process plant productivity is improved in this way, increasing the temperature of the acid, also increases the corrosiveness thereof — often exponentially.

Consequently the materials selected for heat exchangers in these applications need to be corrosion resistant to the process fluid being handled and it is important to select the correct material for a specific acid at a given concentration and operating temperature.

Typical materials used in sulphuric acid plant applications are:

316L SS Weak acid applications
904L SS Weak acid applications
254 SMO Weak acid applications
Alloy C-276 Weak/strong acid applications
Hastelloy Strong acid applications

Hastelloy Hybrid BC1 is a unique alloy, with superior corrosion resistant properties and is suitable for strong acid applications.  IWC is the exclusive supplier of this material for the South Africa, and is supplied by HESSA (Heat Exchanger Supplier & Service Alliance).

Equally important is the selection of the proper gasket material which must take into account the fluids being handled and the operating temperature.  Typical gasket materials used in sulphuric acid plant applications are:

EPDM Weak acid cooling applications and waterside
Viton G Weak/strong acid cooling applications

Why IWC?

IWC is a thermal solutions provider, with our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to provide expert heat exchanger solutions for any application or industry, feel free to reach out to our sales team for expert advice, Carl@iwc.co.za Or view our website to see our range of heat exchanger’s on offer.

February, 2021

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