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NEWS 16 / 02 / 2021

IWC and Kagera Sugar, helping to solve the Tanzania sugar crisis

Tanzania is currently in the middle of a sugar crisis, with the country producing about 320,000 tons of sugar against a domestic demand of 670 000 tons. The deficit is being filled by imports but the hope is that with continued infrastructure and development, the local production will eventually satisfy the demand.

In pursuit of this goal, the Kagera Sugar Company enlisted the help of IWC to design, supply and construct 4 new, single cell cooling towers to accompany the existing,  4-cell counter flow, pultruded glass reinforced plastic cooling tower built in 2018. These towers were also by designed and built IWC.

Glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), is a composite material made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibres made of glass. It’s a modern material that has many advantages over traditional construction materials like concrete, steel or wood, and is perfect for the harsh African conditions. With the Kagera Sugar Company factory situated in a remote area, all the materials required for this project had to be containerised and transported by ship from South Africa to Tanzania and then road freighted to site.

The cooling tower components were delivered to Tanzania in September last year but constuction on site  was delayed due to Covid19, however the project is in full swing now with erection of the cooling towers in its final stages The towers are being erected by Kagera Sugar workers under supervision by our skilled site technicians.

Why IWC?

IWC have been providing innovative and effective cooling solutions for over 30 years throughout Africa. Our extensive sugar industry experience and vast range of products enables us to provide cutting edge cooling solutions to an industry which makes up a crucial part of Africa’s future.

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