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IWC completes cooling tower refurbishment at Matla Power Station

Industrial Water Cooling (IWC) is deemed by many to be Africa’s leading cooling tower specialist. To date, IWC has completed approximately 85% of all the natural draft cooling tower refurbishments in southern Africa.

IWC has an impressive and extensive natural draft cooling tower refurbishment reference list with most projects stemming mainly from the power generation and petrochemical industries. Over and above cooling tower refurbishment, IWC is a certified asbestos contractor which means that all asbestos work associated with these projects is managed and executed in strict accordance with the latest Asbestos Abatement Regulations [2020].

More recently, IWC completed the refurbishment of 3 natural draft cooling towers at the Matla Power Station complex.

The refurbishment scope included the removal of 28 700 tons of asbestos cement materials from the cooling towers, with installation of FRP fill supports, new polypropene trickle pack fill, PVC drift eliminators and cleaning works. The entire project was completed within two months, ahead of schedule with no injuries, all in all a very successful project. The cooling towers are now operating at improved efficiencies with the water being cooled to the desired temperatures which enables the plant to generate more Mega Watts of power due to increased cooling efficiencies.

Another huge win for us was that we were able to help the surrounding community by upgrading the local school, Lehlaka combined school, that was in dire need of a refurbishment. As part of our CSI requirement for Eskom, IWC was tasked to utilise the local work force for the school refurbishment project and uplift the local community. What better way that to support the future adults of the area with the school upliftment project.

The school upgrade included the upgrade of the school bathrooms with new basins, toilets, and taps. IWC also replaced and upgraded all the security bars and doors at the school, making the school more secure and deterring vandalism. Classroom electrics were repaired, and the classrooms now have working lighting.

IWC also supplied all the children with backpacks including school supplies and water bottles which were very well received by all the children.

At IWC we are focused on building a positive and enduring legacy in the communities we work in, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to be able to give back.