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NEWS 30 / 11 / 2019

IWC Cooling Tower Nozzles – Proudly Made in SA

Industrial Water Cooling’s Nozzles Numbers 1 (Red), 2 (Blue) and 3 (Green)

Did you know that Industrial Water Cooling (IWC) is the only South African cooling tower company that manufactures its own range of cooling tower nozzles? Nozzles are a key part of a cooling tower, widely used in both cross and counter flow cooling towers.

Over the years, IWC has designed, tested and manufactured a locally-produced cooling tower nozzles to suit various applications. Because IWC is an ISO9001 company, these cooling tower nozzles are manufactured according to strict tolerances to ensure both performance and longevity.

The three South African manufactured nozzles (shown above) in IWC’s range all have a full cone square pattern with a minimum spray angle of 110°. This means that a single nozzle can be used to cover an area of 1 square meter with the nozzle tip positioned 350mm above the cooling tower fill, or 1.2 square meters with the nozzle tip 400mm above the fill.

The nozzles have been designed with profiled swirlers to ensure uniform water distribution at a low static pressures.

IWC also has pipe saddles to suit the above nozzles and these are available to suit 110mm, 160mm and 200mm pipe diameters.

OEM Equipment vs. Imported Alternatives

The distribution system is at the heart of a cooling tower’s performance so replacing a nozzle with one that wasn’t selected – or designed – to meet a cooling tower’s specific flow rate and distribution pattern will impact the overall cooling tower performance.

Many South African cooling tower suppliers import nozzles from various countries (most notably India and China) and as the adage goes “you get what you pay for”. Unfortunately these imported nozzles have little to no research and development to back up any of their claims.

When issuing an RFQ for cooling tower related spare parts or cooling tower services, it is important to always ensure that the parts on offer meet the following criteria:

  • do the parts come from a reputable supplier?
  • is the supplier a factory-appointed reseller or agent?
  • ensure that the parts being offered are not simply cheap imported copies of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers);
  • ensure that the parts are locally manufactured (to ensure future availability);
  • ask the supplier if they are willing to guarantee, in writing, that the supplied parts will in fact deliver on the performance they are being supplied for.

IWC have been providing innovative and effective cooling solutions for over 30 years throughout Africa. IWS’s core products and productivity-enhancing solutions include cooling towers, heat exchangers and chillers along with locally-manufactured nozzles, allied spares and services.

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