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NEWS 10 / 04 / 2018

IWC’s Engie Cooling and Refrigeration Chillers

While correct refrigeration is the decisive factor, there is more to factor in than just temperature. When planning a refrigeration system, think in terms of application: situation comes before product.

Engie Chillers are adaptable to processes and requirements – whether it’s commercial air conditioning, or refrigeration for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Engie Chillers are also ideal for large and small power station cooling solutions.

Quantum Chillers

Quantum Chillers are low maintenance and reliable, setting the standards in chiller technology.

These chillers provide a broad range of services; the different variants available offer effective solutions for each chilling situation. They can each be individually tailored to meet exact refrigeration requirements.

The underlying concept of an oil-free compressor and contact-free magnetic bearings make Quantum powerful and efficient. There is no material wear, significantly lower maintenance costs, and more efficient heat transfer.

The Quantum Series offers three types of chillers – water-cooled, air-cooled or a split chiller, which can be separated into a machine unit for indoor installation and a re-cooling system for outdoor installation.

Quantum Series Features:

  • Turbo liquid chiller for applications ranging from 250kW to 3MW
  • Oil-free system
  • High operational reliability
  • Low maintenance, low vibration and quiet operation
  • Multiple compressor design
  • Precise control of re-cooling process by using variable performance controls
  • Highest level of energy efficiency with outstanding performance figures (COP)

Water-cooled Quantum Series

Air-cooled Quantum Series

Split Quantum Series


Spectrum Chillers

The Spectrum is a water-cooled chiller with speed-controlled screw compressor technology, which allows especially low or high effective temperatures. Spectrum offers maximum energy efficiency, and diverse application fields.

The Spectrum´s exceptional performance is down to superior technology: the speed-controlled screw compressor responds to a SIMATIC S7 controller, and the chiller has an integrated open flash economizer.

Spectrum Chiller Features:

  • Speed-controlled screw compressor
  • Excellent efficiency in full- and partial-load operation
  • Open flash economiser
  • Smart Grid compatible
  • Soft start function – gradual, without current spikes
  • Stable performance factor in partial-load operation
  • Intelligent SIMATIC S7 automation system to regulate the entire peripheral equipment

Spectrum Chillers Technical Data

Spectrum Chiller applications

Amonum Chillers

Amonum chillers are extremely compact, new generation ammonia chillers, ideal for Industrial Refrigeration, commercial Air Conditioning and Food and Beverage Refrigeration (FMCG industry).

The Amonum operates with a speed- controlled reciprocating compressor in conjunction with a cylinder bench switch-off. This combination provides the ideal power adjustment for the required refrigeration capacity.

The Amonum chiller series is available in four performance classes ranging from approximately 50kW to 250kW. The applications range from brine applications up to -20°C to process cooling and air-conditioning up to +17°C, and heat recovery is feasible up to a condensation temperature of 53°C.

Amonum Chiller Features:

  • Water-cooled liquid chiller
  • Compact design in enclosed housing
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Natural, environmentally friendly ammonium as coolant
  • High efficiency values when used at full or partial capacity
  • Switch cabinet hermetically (airtight) separated from the system section
  • Plate heat exchanger, and oil and liquid separator
  • Controller with S7 touch panel

Amonum Chillers Brochure

Amonum Chiller applications


Pensum Chillers

The Pensum Chiller Series, with an output of 45kW to 480kW, is available as a water- or air-cooled version and adds smaller performance ranges to the established Quantum Series.

Pensum chillers are built around especially reliable, new-generation scroll compressors. The Pensum is a versatile “refrigeration worker” within industry, building services and in data centres.

Pensum Chiller Features:

  • Extremely versatile: water or air-cooled as a chiller or heat pump
  • Particularly efficient for use in smaller power ranges from 45kw to 360kw
  • Low-maintenance, customisable chiller
  • New-generation scroll compressors

Pensum Chillers Technical Data

Marenum Chillers

Marenum chillers are an example of an application-oriented approach; available in customisable variants starting from a refrigeration capacity of 300kW, the Marenum models adapt to their demanding environment.

Chillers on ships have to endure harsh conditions – in most cases they are re-cooled directly with salt water. All Marenum chillers are built to meet demanding operating requirements under seawater conditions.

The Marenum is available in two variants, each of which is tailored to its respective application areas; the Marenum C is designed for use on civil shipping such as ferries, freighters or yachts, and the Marenum NC is designed for use on non-civil shipping vessels such as frigates and patrol boats.

Marenum Chiller Features:

  • Outstanding material quality
  • Redundant configuration with multiple compressors
  • Compact construction for high cooling capacity on a small surface area
  • Special design of flooded evaporator for reliable operation on high seas
  • Soft start; low noise and vibration
  • No idle current compensation; infinitely variable power regulation

Marenum Chillers Brochure


We design our systems according to your individual needs and requirements, so that you get the refrigeration solution that best fits your process.

Our systems are specifically tailored to your temperature specifications and offer many opportunities for making energy and cost savings.

Our experts don’t just have extensive knowledge about refrigeration. We also have a wealth of experience in the integration of related components.

As part of our full-service provision for your refrigeration equipment, we pay particular attention to operational safety, efficiency and environmental safety.

We offer our customers a wide range of general and operator training courses, thereby making a contribution to the further development of skilled workers and experts.

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