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NEWS 14 / 07 / 2021

IWC launches new look website with leading e-commerce functionality

It’s been quite a year for IWC, we refreshed our brand and strategically aligned our business in line with the monolithic brand approach. The “one brand approach” as we call it, aligned IWC and the Tektower companies under one umbrella. The reason for this was to limit confusion in the market, and most importantly, build a more streamlined business to enable us to better serve our clients.

In the process of refreshing our brand, we reviewed all our brand collateral, redesigned our corporate website and developed a new Ecommerce website platform to sell consumables used in package cooling towers.

The strategic intent of the Ecommerce platform was for us to provide easy access to products for our clients, locally as well as on the African continent. Additional, with Google implementing new changes in their policies, it was imperative that we “future proofed” our corporate and ecommerce sites to ensure we are able to measure and understand our customers better, and ensure we maintain our presence as the industry leader within the thermal solutions market.

Our Cooling Tower Spares shop is a first in the Thermal Solutions market in South Africa. The only other player offering a similar service is a US based company called, Cooling Tower Depot. I think we have managed to develop a much improved solution for our clients and enable them to make shopping for spares, a dream come true. The shop enables you to select spares by Cooling Tower model, by part or by component. It’s very user friendly and easy to use, and most importantly, this platform is very mobile friendly. With a 3D model of a cooling tower, it is easy for customers to identify the product they need. Shipping and packaging are calculated once an order is received and our logistics company is on standby to deliver an order to you, wherever you are.


Generally speaking, the engineering industry are not the most adventurous when it comes to pioneering new technologies. At IWC, our approach is to re-engineer thermal solutions for a better world, and this is the first step to providing clients with a platform to meet their needs. With the development of Ecommerce and the increased uptake in online shopping post lockdown, our Shop is a way to pivot our business and grow our customer base locally and throughout Africa… and who knows, we might even get an order from the UAE where we also have a few completed projects.

Our entire EWK package cooling tower range of products are available to purchase. The EWK cooling tower is manufactured in a robust, durable, and compact glass reinforced polyester casing and is a simple plug and play design, making these towers suitable for small to medium size applications such as distilleries, dry cleaners, and wineries.

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