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NEWS 15 / 05 / 2023

IWC supplies cooling towers for new plant upgrade at Tetrapak

IWC | Industrial Water Cooling recently supplied and installed 4 new package cooling towers to Tetrapak, a leader in the packaging of food and beverage products.

The new cooling towers are part of the HVAC system for the packaging plant and are used to cool the air-conditioning system and the ink printer that is used to produce all the packaging labels.

Being ISO accredited guarantees that IWC builds their towers according to strict quality standards which is of paramount importance to Tetrapak, since they provide packaging for some of the largest food and beverage companies in South Africa.

As Tetrapak was expanding their plant it was time to upgrade the current cooling system. This meant removing the old stainless steel cooling towers and replacing the towers with 4 new shiny EWK 1000 GRP cooling towers.

The location and space for the new installation posed quite a challenge, but thanks to the compact design of the EWK range, the problem was solved. A special raised platform was erected to raise the towers off the ground so as to allow a forklift to move around the site. One small pipe change was implemented and the towers were installed without effecting the plant layout.

The new towers have a very high cooling capacity, re-cooling of up to 350 m³ of water per hour in a single tower.

The new towers have a lower energy consumption compared to other cooling towers, making them ideal for companies looking for an environmentally friendly cooling solution.

The towers are also easy to maintain due to the induced draught fans. These fans are easily accessible and simple to replace or repair due to the fit-on design.

IWC… always thinking, always designing, always delivering.

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