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NEWS 24 / 05 / 2024

Gelato goes green – IWC’s water saving, cooling solution

In the quest to balance efficiency and sustainability, businesses often face significant challenges. For Gelatissimo, an authentic Italian gelateria based in Glenhazel, the sporadic cooling water requirements of their machines posed a substantial problem. Each production cycle necessitated a quick and efficient supply of cold water, which traditionally led to high water consumption and elevated operational costs.

The Challenge: High Water Costs And Waste
Gelatissimo’s production process was heavily impacted by the need for rapid cooling water. The existing system was not only costly but also wasteful, affecting the company’s bottom line and environmental footprint. This inefficiency underscored the urgent need for a solution that could provide immediate cooling while conserving water and reducing expenses.

Exploring Solutions: Chiller Systems vs Practical Alternatives

The search for a solution began with considering the installation of a chiller. However, the capital investment required and the physical size of the chiller made this option unfeasible. Gelatissimo needed a budget-friendly, space-efficient alternative that would offer a tangible return on investment without compromising on performance.

The Ideal Solution: IWC’s Complete Service

Enter IWC, known for its innovative water cooling solutions. IWC didn’t just propose a product; we offered a comprehensive service package. This included the supply of a compact EWK036 cooling tower, the installation of the entire system, and the necessary water treatment equipment. The fact that IWC could deliver all these services within Gelatissimo’s budget was the critical factor in their decision.

IWC’s cooling solutions cater to a wide range of industries, from the small gelateria like Gelatissimo to large-scale manufacturing plants and even power stations. We specialise in providing bespoke, engineered solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each industry.

Measurable Benefits: Significant Water Savings

Since implementing IWC’s cooling tower system, Gelatissimo has seen measurable benefits. The new system has dramatically reduced water usage, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability and cost-effectiveness. These significant water savings translate directly to lower operational costs and a smaller environmental footprint, showcasing the tangible impact of the solution.

In conclusion, Gelatissimo’s experience with IWC is a testament to the power of innovative, budget-conscious engineering solutions. By addressing the cooling water challenge effectively, IWC has not only helped Gelatissimo cut costs but also significantly reduce water waste, paving the way for a more sustainable future in gelato production.

IWC’s cooling solutions are for all industries from the small gelateria to large industry and even power stations. We provide bespoke engineered solutions to suit all industries.

Gelatissimo and IWC’s partnership demonstrates how thoughtful engineering and comprehensive service delivery can solve complex industrial challenges. As part of the ongoing relationship, IWC will continue to support Gelatissimo with maintenance and optimization to ensure sustained benefits.

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