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NEWS 12 / 05 / 2022

Need a new cooling tower? Consider this…

At IWC we offer trade-in’s on old Sulzer, Tektower and Searle-Bush cooling towers. This can used to offset the new cooling tower purchase, making this a very attractive and more cost effective way of purchasing a new package cooling tower to suit the needs of your current or future operation.

We stock a range of package cooling towers to suit all industries – From the simple plug and play EWK range to our bespoke FM range, we have a tower for you.

In general, a package cooling towers’ structural life expectancy ranges between 15 – 20 years (with proper water treatment and proper maintenance) and after years and years of relentless operation, a cooling tower requires more than just a regular service or component replacement to maintain their original performance & structural integrity.

simple plug and play EWK range to our bespoke FM range, we have a tower for you.

We offer a free inspection if you live in South Africa (100km from all major centres), alternatively clients outside of South Africa are requested to take photographs of their cooling tower and parts, and send to us for assessment. Our technical team will provide guidance as to what photos are required. We will then provide a report on your cooling tower which will include feedback on the following:

  • Corrosion and deterioration of cooling tower structure and mechanical components;
  • Fill conditions for damage or build-up scale;
  • Deterioration of ladders and access platforms, including guardrails;
  • Pipe conditions for possible leaks;
  • Overall conditions of louvers and drift eliminators

Should your cooling tower not require replacing or refurbishing, we encourage you to create a maintenance schedule and plan to ensure that your cooling tower will last the longest time possible, and that you won’t have to replace the tower before it’s time.

We have an extensive range of spares and parts for your tower, including fill, drift eliminators, sprayers and fan assemblies (motors etc).

Our sales team are available to provide assistance and advice where needed. Give us a call

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