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NEWS 29 / 04 / 2024

IWC Hosts Successful Wellness Day at Tutuka Site, Acknowledging Team Dedication and Safety Commitment

In a demonstration of appreciation for the exceptional dedication and safety consciousness displayed by its Tutuka site team, IWC recently hosted a successful Wellness Day. The event, attended by senior management and the entire site team, served as a platform to recognize their efforts following the completion of the first of four towers for Eskom.

Emphasizing Safety Culture: Introduction of BBS Safety Initiative

The day commenced with a presentation by Khumbu Mkhabela, our SHEQ manager, who introduced the Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) initiative to the team. This initiative, previously implemented at SASOL Secunda, underscores our commitment to fostering a proactive safety culture. Through coaching and uplifting our employees, the BBS initiative aligns seamlessly with our brand values, guiding our approach to safety and decision-making processes.

Real-Life Insights: Guest Speaker’s Impactful Address

A highlight of the day was a keynote address by Mdu Mathenjwa, a certified Occupational Health & Safety specialist, who shared his personal experience of a health and safety incident. Mdu’s narrative underscored the profound impact of safety awareness and personal responsibility in the workplace, resonating deeply with the audience.

Celebrating Team Spirit: Engaging Activities and Appreciation

The festivities continued with engaging activities, including a friendly soccer match, fostering team spirit and camaraderie. A well-deserved braai providing an opportunity for relaxation and celebration. The day concluded with a special address by Gordon Beckett, IWC’s Operations Director, expressing gratitude and recognition for the team’s outstanding contributions.

A Testament to Excellence: Upholding IWC’s Legacy

The Wellness Day at Tutuka serves as a testament to IWC’s unwavering commitment to safety, teamwork, and excellence. By acknowledging and celebrating the dedication of its employees, IWC reaffirms its position as a leader in the industry, dedicated to creating a safe and supportive work environment for all.