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NEWS 09 / 03 / 2022

Meet Gordon Beckett, Projects Manager for IWC

Gordon heads up the projects division at IWC and oversees all large cooling tower projects which include new installations and refurbishment projects.

As a veteran in the industry, Gordon’s expertise and experience are invaluable when it comes to interacting with clients from various industries. From petro-chemical, sugar, paper & pulp, fertilizers, power generation, steel making and various other smaller industries, Gordon is your man.

When asked why he enjoys working at IWC, Gordon responded, “Each project generally comes with its own challenges and I enjoy facing and solving these together with my amazing team”.

“I am involved in projects from the tendering stage, to contract negotiations, and the final order placement. The project commences with design, followed by the execution and delivery to site and thereafter the erection and commissioning. The entire project cycle, seeing things through from conception to a final working product, with a happy customer, is both satisfying and rewarding.” Gordon’s personal values of focus, dedication, honesty and commitment, are testament to the many successful projects he has delivered over the last 25 years.

Gordon’s career with IWC started back in March 1997 after completing his Mechanical Engineering studies at Pretoria Technikon and he celebrates his 25th work anniversary this month. What a remarkable achievement, well done Gordon, it’s almost time for a gold watch ☺

A true farm boy at heart, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his wife and three boys. He enjoys all types of fishing, from catching bass and trout in fresh water, to larger predatory salt water species like king fish, kob and sharks. He also enjoys woodworking when he feels creative or needs to carry out some renovations at his home. His passion though, is adventure bike riding where he unwinds with some ‘’helmet time’’ to take his mind off the stresses of life.

He is currently reading, Killing for Profit by Julian Rademeyer, a story exposing rhino poaching and the illegal rhino horn trade in Southern Africa during the 1980’s to early 2000’s. This book is highly recommended by Gordon, “it’s certainly an interesting read and an eye opener”, says Gordon.

Connect with Gordon today to find out more about large cooling tower projects, for new installations and refurbishment projects.