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NEWS 13 / 12 / 2021

Spotlight on Hilgard Meyer


Meet Hilgard Meyer, project engineer for IWC. Hilgard is part of the IWC Projects team that design and manage the installations of large EPC projects. Hilgard is currently working with the team on a number of projects that include the Simunye Distillery in Swaziland, the Umfolozi Sugar Mills in KZN, Impala PMR Plant in Springs and Foskor in KZN. Hilgard is quite a busy guy.

Hilgard has an Honours degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pretoria and before joining IWC a year ago, was a consulting engineering.

Hilgard’s’ favourite quote by Albert Einstein is certainly an interesting one. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

This is one of Einstein’s most inspiring quotes that relates to believing and expressing oneself. Everyone has a hidden talent, so give it time to grow. Hilgard has the drive to work hard and a willingness to do work he can be proud of. He comments, “At this stage of my life I am more concerned about gaining as much experience as possible and learning as much as I can. IWC provides the support and environment for this to be realised.”

“As a project engineer, I run a project from a management point of view – making sure projects are executed within time and budget, and to the clients satisfaction. I interact with clients in a lot of ways – progress updates, engineering designs, procurement, client requirements, commercial matters. It’s practically everything in a project.”

When asked what is something people in our industry have to deal with and that you would like to fix? He replied “I feel there is an issue with service. Having a good service sets you apart from others and tells your client that you are serious. Many businesses don’t always offer good service and customers admire it when a good quality product is delivered. I believe that IWC is focussed on making a difference, our culture is one of “making things happen”, a culture where problems are solved. It’s a no-nonsense working place.”

Hilgard enjoys travelling and has had the opportunity to travel internationally and would love to see more. He also enjoys keeping it local. He commented, “Going on vacation in SA is also fun and I also enjoy being on our farm in the Karoo where I can be outside and farm.” He enjoys exercising and being with his family and playing board games.” His top 3 books include – Koors by Deon Meyer, Prisoner of birth by Jeffrey Archer and a favourite of mine too, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.