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NEWS 24 / 11 / 2021

Spotlight on Louw Nagel

Meet Louw Nagel (Pr. Eng) our newly appointed Thermal Applications Engineer. Louw has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, an honours degree in technology management and a master’s in engineering. That’s quite a resume.

Louw is responsible for the design and project execution of our cooling towers and he interacts with a variety of suppliers and customers daily.

“We have a “make it happen” culture that allows us to bring satisfactory solutions to all of our clients.” says Louw.

Water and energy are rare commodities and need to be used with care. At IWC we strive to design cooling towers and bulk air coolers to use the least amount of water possible to save water for the future. Our current coolers are also designed to have the lowest possible energy consumption which allows for the lowest possible negative effect on the environment.

When he isn’t solving problems, Louw can be found in the garage working on his woodwork hobby or catching up on his favourite TV shows.