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NEWS 28 / 01 / 2022

Spotlight on James Stevens IWC Brand Ambassador

Meet @James Stevens, our newly appointed Project Engineer. James has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Pretoria and his focus has been in consulting and piping design for the petrochemical industry.

As a project engineer, James is involved in all the technical aspects of the project from the design phase to execution, helping to ensure that the projects are completed on time and within the budgetary constraints. He liaises with clients ensuring the project is well defined and that clients are kept informed on the progress up until completion. He is currently working on the Arnot power station project and will commence with the Matla power station project soon.

“IWC allows for a lot of autonomy creating a fast-paced environment where I get to learn and am forced to think on my feet. This not only ensures professional growth but also ensures that one does not get stuck in a boring work routine. The company has a great culture and it is very apparent that they care greatly about their employees.” comments James.

James believes that customers are often not heard, and uncertainty, mainly stemming from poor communication or companies focusing more on project completion rather than client needs, is often the cause for poor service delivery.

“From my short time at IWC it is clear that the client’s needs are always kept in mind and that clear concise communication is used to ensure great outcomes on all projects” says James.

“Before joining IWC, I was living in Secunda working as a piping engineer for an engineering consultancy. It’s great to be back in the fast paced hustle and bustle of the city. I enjoy exploring, whether it be popping into a temporary art exhibition, trying a new restaurant or finding a place I never knew existed before. I also traveling, getting to experience new cultures and ways of life vastly different from our own.”

James enjoys staying up to date with engineering news publications such as Popular Mechanics and Engineering News. He also likes frequenting multiple websites to see what’s new in science and technology. His choice of favourite book “The Architecture of Happiness” by Alain de Botton explains a lot… to be good engineer, one needs to understand the environment for things to work.