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NEWS 23 / 08 / 2022

Meet Hanno Reuter, our very own engineering boffin

Meet Dr Hanno Reuter, our newly appointed Engineering Manager. Hanno is a mechanical engineer with B.Eng., M.Eng. and Ph.D. degrees from Stellenbosch University and has been registered as a professional engineer at the Engineering Council of South Africa for 12 years. He also held the post of Head of Thermo-Fluids and Postgraduate Convener in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at Stellenbosch University, where he worked as senior lecturer and researcher for 13 years and is currently an Extraordinary Professor. That’s quite a resume Hanno!.

If that’s not enough, Hanno has also worked in industry for 26 years, of which 5 years were spent in Switzerland, and 5 years in Belgium. Hanno is internationally experienced in thermo-fluids, performance modelling, design, engineering, testing, R&D and management in the field of industrial wet, dry and combined dry/wet cooling systems and thermal power plants.

Hanno will be spearheading the IWC consulting business as well as developing existing design software and cooling systems. “My work at IWC will mostly entail the performance modelling/ evaluation of existing and new cooling systems to improve performance and to demonstrate the environmental and thermos-economic benefits” explains Hanno.

When asked what problems our industry encounters and how he would solve them, Hanno explained. “Global warming poses a severe threat to our existence and companies are facing severe challenges to satisfy new legislation that require reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. With modern modelling tools and novel technologies developed over the past years, I believe IWC can support clients to enhance thermoflow performance and demonstrate the economic and environmental benefits.”

When asked what his impressions are about IWC and what he enjoys about working at IWC, Hanno explained “I have known and worked with IWC since 2003 and have come to the realisation that IWC is the perfect company for me to achieve my personal goals. It’s a fairly small company with a flat organisational structure with competent people that are implicitly held accountable for their actions and decisions. Everyone I’ve met is friendly and all seem to have a great sense of humour with a “can do” attitude, which is important to me.”

What are the values that drive you?

“I hate to see poor decisions taken that have a negative environmental impact on our planet. My drive is to reduce the negative environmental impact of thermal systems like power plants by educating people, improving cooling system designs and developing new cooling technologies. Therefore, “doing the right thing” is probably the value that drives me most and I believe that combined dry/ wet cooling is the answer for the future.”

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

“I like to watch and play sport and hang out with friends. I used to be a serious field hockey player but now enjoy more social mountain biking and playing tennis and squash. I also continuously read reports, masters and PhD theses, textbooks, magazines, and internet articles pertaining to power plant and cooling system technology development and R&D.

The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand is probably the best book I have ever read about two competing architects who have a completely different set of values and how that shapes each one’s life and creativity.”