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NEWS 31 / 03 / 2022

Meet Khumbuzile Mkhabela, SHEQ Manager for IWC

Meet Khumbuzile Mkhabela, Khumbu was recently promoted to SHEQ Manager, and she is responsible for the Occupational health and safety, environment and quality assurance of the organisation. She supervises and coordinates ISO systems within the organisation to ensure IWC meets the highest quality standards and that working conditions on our various projects are favourable and safe.

Khumbu joined IWC in 2020 as a SHE Coordinator, looking after the Health and Safety Compliance at the Sasol Synfuels cooling tower refurbishment project.

With over 10 years’ experience in the Health and Safety field, she has been part of various successful projects fulfilling the Health and Safety Practitioner role. Her biggest career highlight and project is the Renewable Energy Plants (Solar Plants) and the refurbishment of one of the Cooling Towers using the pontoon system at Sasol Synfuels Secunda.

When asked why she enjoys working at IWC, she replied, “IWC allows me to perform my duties to the best of my ability, IWC do not micro manage its staff and they trust their employees to fulfil their duties on their own terms and let the results do the talking”.

When asked to tell us a little about herself, Khumbu replied, “I was born and raised in the Mpumalanga Province, in small village called Naas, in the Nkomazi region. It is located between the Mozambique Lebombo and Swaziland Mananga border gates”.

I love travelling and sightseeing, and the best part of my job is being able to combine, doing what I love and travelling through the largest parts of the country (SA). She spent 4 years in the Northern Cape working on the Construction of the Solar Plant (Bookport, Xina & Kathu Solar Plant).

Her favourite podcast is from Jay Shetty called “Purpose”.

As a keen entrepreneur with her own clothing boutique, selling clothing, jewellery and bespoke items for clients, it’s no wonder that she is currently reading “Become your own Financial Advisor” written by Warren Ingram.*

She also finds time to read bible based literature and magazines published by the Jehovah’s witness organisation.

Her personal mantra, originating from Oprah Winfrey, certainly speaks to her tenacious, resilient personality

“Challenges are gifts that forces us to search for a new center of gravity. Don’t fight them, just find a new way to stand!.”

Other than being a mother, she loves modelling and spends her free time watching fashion and modelling shows or browsing through the latest fashion trends. Apart from being our resident SHEQ manager, she can also hook you up with a new outfit.