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NEWS 25 / 08 / 2021

Sasol Secunda Project Milestone Exceeded

The SASOL SECUNDA TEAM recently exceeded a milestone of 250 000 hours for the Eastern Cooling Tower refurbishment project.  The tower is responsible for supplying cooling water used in the Sasol Plant, so it’s critical that the project is run to schedule, without any incidents.

The occasion was celebrated with the handover of thermal jackets to the team.  IWC Managing Director, Roger Rusch and #SASOL Project Management Lead, Braam Mentz, were present to congratulate the team. Secunda is a harsh working environment and winters can be tough, so the jackets will definitely come in handy. 

Once completed with the refurbishment, the tower will have an extended lifespan and cooling capacity will be increased resulting in a daily production volume increase.  The refurbishment project was started in February 2020 and the total hours worked to date are over 300 000.   The project is expected to be completed in November and the team will then set off on a well-earned rest.

Well done guys and thank you for the effort!

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