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NEWS 16 / 09 / 2021

Vaccination works better when we do it together

We recently initiated a campaign to encourage IWC staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The campaign run in conjunction with a campaign motivated by SASOL, to ensure all staff working at the SASOL Secunda plant are vaccinated.

Additional benefits of the campaign were to educate staff about the importance of why vaccination is important, the side effects and what to expect after being vaccinated. The initiative is aligned to our internal brand engagement message #IWCStrongertogether, the sentiment being, vaccinations work better when we do it together.

The campaign was very well received, with 92 out of the 97 SASOL SECUNDA team being fully vaccinated, with the remaining 5 team members opting for weekly Covid19 tests.

Our Head Office staff are 95% vaccinated, with only a few people remaining to get the vaccine. As a company we believe in doing right by our tribe and ensuring that the wellbeing of our staff comes first. Well done team!!

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