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NEWS 15 / 12 / 2021

Team IWC wins the Impala Platinum Safety Competition

In line with our improved BBS campaign, our team proudly flew the IWC flag and won the safety competition by adhering to all safety guidelines.

We recently commenced with the installation of new cooling tower internals in one of the towers at the Springs plant. We will complete the project in the new year when we do the mechanical installation and side stream filter and filter media installation. The total working hours to date, without incident are 2025, which added to the safety record of the team. The team won the November 2021 Safety competition for maintaining the strict safety guidelines. Doing the handover was Morne Faber, Impala’s Safety Officer and managing the IWC team is the construction manager, Shameeg Bartman. Keep up the good work team, we’re super proud of you! Here’s to more safety awards. #safertogether